Products and Services

Boiler and Cooling Tower Services and Products

  • All levels of scheduled servicing or one off service requirements and installations
  • Extensive range of boiler water chemicals
  • One shot products
  • Custom blended products
  • Boiler antiscalents
  • De-sludging chemicals
  • Water softening salts
  • On line and internal water softener cleaners
  • Extensive range of cooling tower chemicals
  • Microbiocides – oxidizing and non-oxidizing
  • Extensive range of corrosion inhibitors
  • Blended antiscalents
  • De-sludging chemicals
  • On line cleaners
  • Closed loop inhibitors
  • Acid clean products
  • Waste water chemicals and services

Biological and Analytical Testing

  • Legionella testing
  • SPC / HPC testing
  • E.coli Coliforms
  • B.O.D -5 & C.O.D testing
  • Other water related biological testing on request
  • Iron reducing bacteria testing
  • Mineral analyses
  • ARF analyses
  • Scale testing and scale tendencies reports

Mining Industry Services and Chemicals

  • Comprehensive site services and reports
  • Remote area servicing and with fully equipped vehicles including services to PNG
  • Supply Install and commissioning of all types of water treatment equipment
  • A full range of mineral processing  chemicals
  • Caustics, Chlorines, Flocculants, De-foamers, Antiscalents Friction Modifiers and more

Equipment – Supply, Install and Maintain

  • Cooling water dosage equipment, sales, service, rental or lease
  • Boiler water dosage equipment, sales, service, rental or lease
  • Sand, cartridge, or RO and UF filtration systems and plants supplied installed or serviced
  • Specialized C.I.P cleans to new or existing RO plants
  • Side stream filtration plants supplied, installed and serviced
  • Multi sized stainless pressurized chemical by-pass feeders and dosage pots
  • Fabricated stainless or PVC cabinets and chemical bunding
  • High and low volume chemical dosage pumps, sales, service, rental or lease
  • High and low pressure chemical dosage pumps, sales, service, rental or lease